Photos by Sophia Wolfe and Caleigh Kats
  • OCT 28 - NOV 7, 2021 Live, In Person at The Russian Hall
  • #whatnow
    Created by Marisa Emma Smith, Amber Barton, Sabrina Symington, Yvonne Wallace, Patrick Dodd, Emily Grace Brook, Siobhan Sloane-Seale, Malcolm Dow, Nico Dicecco and Samantha Pawliuk, with dramaturgy and advisory from Tim Carlson and Brenda Koch. A very special thank you to the many interviewees who have chosen to share their stories and opinions for this multi-perspective piece.

    So #metoo happened. What now?

    After collecting hours of audio interviews from people of different genders, sexual orientations, cultures, ages and abilities -- real life stories and reflections around the #metoo movement come to life through the mediums of headphone verbatim and dance.

    #whatnow includes testimonials from survivors of harassment, misconduct and assault as well as stories from those who took accountability for their harms. And throughout the piece is crafted subtle ensemble movement that articulates tone, environment and viewpoints. 

    It also utilizes an innovative format called “headphone verbatim” where edited audio interviews are played through headphones to actors on stage, and the actors mimic and repeat what they hear, in real time. Every cough, stutter and hesitation is reproduced, and the actors never “memorize the lines”.  

    Running Time: Approximately 80 minutes  

    CREDITS: #whatnow is co-directed by award-winning creators MARISA EMMA SMITH (The Ridiculous Darkness, Mrs. Warren's Profession) and AMBER BARTON (How to Say Goodbye, am a), and features performances by SABRINA SYMINGTON (Trans Scripts – Zee Zee Theatre/Frank Theatre), YVONNE WALLACE (ūtszan – Firehall Arts Centre), PATRICK DODD (Vancouver Improv Festival), EMILY GRACE BROOK (Act of Faith – RealWheels) and SIOBHAN SLOANE-SEALE (EDAM Dance/Body Narratives Collective).

    Special Thanks to Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, The City of Vancouver and BC Gaming Corporation.

    "Compelling, paradigm-shifting stuff ... Alley Theatre's engrossing new #whatnow feels so authentic."
    Janet Smith, Stir Vancouver
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