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  • World Premiere May 24 - June 1 presented by rEvolver Festival
  • Catfish
    Written by Simran Gill
    and Jess Amy Shead
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    Alley Theatre, in partnership with Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf, is thrilled to present the world premiere of a Sign Language & English hybrid play, Catfish.

    catfish: slang; to seduce someone by using a false identity online

    Deaf without her hearing aids, Michelle is catapulted into a wave of lies as she misrepresents herself online and uses her hearing friend's voice to entice the new guy at high school. From the depths of her deception, Michelle must turn her search for love and acceptance inward. Join her in this vibrant and delightfully earnest exploration of identity and self-love. Can she find the strength to share her true Deaf, Punjabi self with the world?

    Created with Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing artists, Catfish has both Sign Language and English built organically into the play at all times.


    VENUE Vancity Culture Lab @ The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street

    SHOWTIMES May 24 @ 7pm, May 26 @ 7:15pm, May 31 @ 7pm (followed by ASL Interpreted Talkback), June 1 @ 8pm

    The show is 75 minutes long.

    GET FREE TICKETS for Deaf & Hard of Hearing folks, by emailing in advance:
    ā€œIā€™m an actor and creator. I grew up Hard of Hearing. Although I can read lips and learned English, I also had a vocal surgery that changed the way my voice sounds. So I grew up "different". I want to share my experiences to encourage others to embrace who they are. The reason I picked this idea of a real story about catfishing is that I want to share to the world that it can happen to anyone, and nobody thinks something like this could be done by a Deaf person. Also everyone has their story of what made them stronger. But there has never been a story like this! And it needs to be heard and seen! Something new!ā€
    Simran Gill (co-writer and performer)