2022/2023 Season
Tickets from $15
  • World Premiere May 24 - June 1 presented by rEvolver Festival
  • written & performed by

    Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis and Medina Hahn

      directed by Herbie Barnes
  • Off the beaten path...

    Hey. You know that street you always walk down? You know it pretty well, right? Well what about that alley, between the streets? Go down there much? Why not? Come on, down the alley. It might be scary, but it might surprise you. You might laugh. You might see something in an entirely new way. You might meet someone new. You might get a taste of what it's like to walk in someone else's shoes. Alley Theatre takes you places off the beaten path. Uncharted. Untold. Completely alive.
    "This excellent company makes every moment count."
    The New York Times