In Development
  • In-progress Reading June 7 Shadbolt Centre for the Arts In-progress Reading June 9 Western Canada Theatre  
  • Inheritance:

    a pick-the-path experience

    Written & performed by Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, and Medina Hahn Directed by Herbie Barnes
    Interactive reading as part of Magnetic North Festival 2:30pm, June 7 2019 at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts (Burnaby)  

    To attend, RSVP HERE.  

    Interactive reading 4pm, June 9 2019 at Western Canada Theatre (Kamloops)  

    To attend, RSVP HERE.  

    A bold and unparalleled choose-your-own-adventure-style play, in which the audience votes to determine how the story progresses.  

    When an urban couple arrives for a week-long getaway at their dad’s vast rural estate, they find him gone and another man living there instead. They ask the man to leave, but he doesn’t want to go … and the audience decides what happens next.  

    And when it’s revealed that the rights to this entire property are actually up for grabs, the audience must choose — via every vote they make — who, if anyone, is the rightful inheritor of the land.  

    In community partnership with Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society