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  • March 3 - March 15, 2020 The ANNEX Theatre (823 Seymour Street)

    A Co-production with Touchstone Theatre, in association with Vancouver Moving Theatre, and community partnership with the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

  • Inheritance:

    a pick-the-path experience

    Director: Herbie Barnes Written & performed by: Daniel Arnold, Darrell Dennis, and Medina Hahn Also featuring: Michelle Bardach, Lois Anderson, and Tom McBeath Production Manager & Technical Director: Mimi Abrahams Associate Production Manager: Andrew Pye Stage Manager: Yvonne Yip Apprentice Stage Manager: Diana Bartosh Projection Designer: Sammy Chien/Chimerik 似不像 Associate Projection Designer: Yvonne Wallace Sound Designer & Composer: Mary Jane Paquette Set Designer: Lauchlin Johnston Props Designer: Bill Beauregarde Lighting Designer: Jill White Costume Designer: Carmen Thompson Post Show Facilitator: Renae Morriseau  

    A remote property is up for grabs. Three people race to claim it.

    You — the audience — decide how it unfolds.

    On a vast, rural estate, urban couple Abbey and Noah are on a week-long getaway to visit her father. But when they arrive, they find him missing and a local Indigenous man, Frank, staying there instead. When it’s revealed that the colonial rights to the entire property are up for grabs, the audience — with electronic voting devices in hand — decides what happens next and who, if anyone, will be the rightful inheritor of this unceded land.

    A daring, interactive play like nothing you’ve experienced, Inheritance puts the power in the palms of its audiences; giving them both the freedom and the responsibility to choose the action of the play. At key moments, the play is halted, multiple plot choices are projected on screen, and the audience picks the path the play takes next, ultimately deciding its outcome.

    The performance will be 2 hours long with an intermission, and will be followed by an audience discussion facilitated by Renae Morriseau.

    Coarse language and mature subject matter. Not advised for under age 13.

    An emotional support worker will be present at all performances.

    ASL Interpreted Performance: Friday, March 13 at 7:30pm ASL Interpretation has been organized through Artistic Sign Language.

    Choose-your-own ticket price! ($39, $29, and $19 options available). The show is General Admission, but you have the power to choose the price that’s most accessible to you. Higher prices help cover the extensive amount of work that goes into creating a choose-your-adventure play—which needs double the average rehearsal time.

    All prices include taxes and a $2 donation to the Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre.

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    Additional Team members:

    Secwepemc Creative Advisors: Mayuk Manuel and Percy Casper

    Outreach & Engagement Coordinator: Eugene Crain

    Research & Evaluation Leader: Jennica Nichols

    Emotional Support Worker: Ray Thunderchild

    Advocacy & Advisory Council: Maxine Matilpi (Project Lead, Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air and Water (RELAW) West Coast Environmental Law), Kathleen Cunningham and Krista James (BC Law Institute), Susan Spratt (Council of Canadians), Stephen Mussell (lawyer with Mandell-Pinder), Justin B Neal (TESTIFY Indigenous Law & Arts collective), Fawn Adolph (Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre)

    Local Territory Advisors: Shane Pointe, Musqueam; Agi Mathias Paul, Squamish; Charlene Aleck, Tsleil-Waututh

    Visit the #Inheritance4Action page here for show resources and tools