• Feb 27-Mar 9, 2019

    At The Firehall Arts Centre

    ASL Interpreted Performance Mar 2 @ 8pm*

  • The Good Bride
    A Firehall Arts Centre/Alley Theatre Coproduction

    Written by Rosemary Rowe

    Directed by Donna Spencer

    Starring Marisa Emma Smith

    Winner of the 2016 Sterling Award for "Outstanding New Play", The Good Bride is a one-woman comedy about a Quiverfull Christian girl. As 15-year old Maranatha waits excitedly for her 28-year old fiancé to carry her off to their wedding, we catch a glimpse into a teenage girl’s thoughts on love, sex, and milkshakes -- and watch her pray to a God she loves without question. But as she’s made to wait, night after night, will her faith uphold? Inspired by true events.

    “Overflowing with humour, humanity, insights and empathy ... should not be missed.” — Louis Hobson, Calgary Sun

    “Among the most sharp, funny scripts about faith you’re likely to find.” — Paul Blinov, Vue Weekly

    “Built on questions of belief, straining at the gussets.” —Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal

    *ASL Interpretation has been selected by a Deaf consultant. If you identify as Deaf or hard of hearing, use promo code GOODBRIDEASL to receive 50% off to this performance. The box office will make sure you are seated in good view of the interpreter. Please reserve your ticket by Feb 27 at 5pm. If we do not receive any ASL reservations by Feb 27th at 5pm we will cancel the interpreting services.

    Vancouver-based playwright Rosemary Rowe spent years “undercover” on Quiverfull Christian women’s blogs and internet chat-rooms — listening to their experiences and discovering how their closed-door societies operate. During a time of US anti-birth control legislation, the #metoo movement, and rise of fundamentalism —The Good Bride strikes a vital balance of brutal truth mixed with absurd hilarity.


    Starring Marisa Emma Smith, Director Donna Spencer, Assistant to the Director Krys Yuan, Set Designer Carolyn Rapanos, Costume Designer Barbara Clayden, Sound Designer CJ McGillivray, Lighting Designer Lauchlin Johnson, Props Designer Diana Bartosh, Technical Director Liz Kraft, Stage Manager Joanne P. B. Smith.


    Rosemary Rowe is a playwright, essayist, blogger and performer whose plays, cabaret pieces and occasional donut performance art have been produced on stages across Canada. Most recently, her short play Anne and Diana were TOTALLY DOING IT was published in Queering the Way: The Loud and Queer Anthology and her essay Aspiring Lesbian Aunt was published in the LAMBDA Award-nominated anthology A Family By Any Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships. Rose’s play Benedetta Carlini – Lesbian Nun of Renaissance Italy!! was translated into Italian and will be published in 2019. She’s currently collaborating with her wife, Kate Trgovac, on a feature film and TV series.
    Winner of Edmonton Sterling Award "Outstanding New Play"